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Are you missing out on opportunities because of antiquated technology or limited resources? We want to help you navigate the chaos, supercharge your workflows, and ultimately improve your customer experience.

Don't want to implement a new system? Our custom integration options make it insanely easy to enhance your current workflows, without making drastic changes.
Tackle Your Biggest Challenge. Pricing.
If you're spending a large portion of your day answering questions about pricing or sifting through numerous data sources, you're not making the most of your time. Meet LoadDex, a supply chain manager's best friend. With LoadDex, you can increase efficiency, grow your margins, and eliminate guesswork.

Tired of software that looks like it was built decades ago? LoadDex is intuitive, modern, and easy to navigate.
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Mode Optimization:
A single search lets you see less-than-truckload, truckload, and intermodal rates in one place
Choose the Right Mode
Actionable Insights:
Visibility into your wins and losses
Win More, Lose Less
Internal Communication:
Your unstructured social data, captured
Access Social Data
Empowered Employees:
Faster onboarding, and employees who are empowered to make decisions on their own
Make Everyone a Pricing Analyst
Mobile Access:
Available anywhere, anytime, from any device
Use LoadDex On the Go
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Helping E-commerce Businesses Sell Big Things.
HeavyCarts makes shipping large items easy and cost-effective. How? By connecting shippers with all types of carriers—parcel, non-parcel, less-than-truckload, truckload, and more—to find the lowest price possible and the best consolidation options.
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We're relentlessly committed to empowering your company
Reporting Analytics
Use customizable reports to quickly identify strengths, diagnose weaknesses, and make more strategic moves.
Integration Capabilities
Connect our products with your existing business systems through SQL, FTP, API, screen scrape, or iFrame products we're already integrating with.
Custom Development
Need to add a new feature or product? Our agile team can work with you to get something built quickly without bothering your busy IT team.
Heard from our customers:
"LoadDex helps us get to answers faster on how we should price loads across dozens of our offices, countless times a day. That gives our people a lot more time to work with customers to keep their supply chains running smoothly, instead of researching what the rate should be on any given lane."
-Ryan Ilges Worldwide Express
"LoadDex standardizes pricing across our organization and makes it incredibly easy to track success and identify areas for improvement. It gives me access to all the data I need to manage my team effectively."
-Julie Van de Kamp U.S. Xpress
"With LoadDex added to our technology stack, all of the information I need is in one place. It's incredibly easy to use and allows for better collaboration."

"With LoadDex, we easily have one source to pull in various market rates along with our historical data which allows us to make quicker and more informed rating decisions."

"When it comes to custom development of our software, Logistical Labs acts as an extension of our team. If I say I want something changed or added, it gets done."

-Brandon Arnold Intelligent Logistics

"The batch uploading tool in LoadDex allowed me to quote 16,000 lanes in about 4 hours total, giving me more time to analyze the data I am seeing and help my management team make better, more informed decisions on what to bid and what not to bid."
-Jeff Luensman CRST
"We’re extremely happy with LoadDex and use it daily. The batch rating feature has been especially useful for RFPs. It allows us to move away from spreadsheets and generate quotes faster."
"Within the first two weeks of using LoadDex, our procurement rate skyrocketed to almost 75%. The tool is extremely user friendly, and the support from the Labs team couldn't be any better. Keep up the good work."
-Steve McDonald Averitt Express
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