2020 Award Tracker Enhancements

• Customers now have access to a new feature of the Award Tracker called “Award Analytics”. This new feature gives customers a 30,000-foot, holistic view of their entire contracted business in order to build out more reliable routing guides, view common lanes among awards, track progress for the whole organization, and see trends associated with their contracted business as a whole.


• Users now have access to a “My View” in Award Tracker that only displays awards attached to the accounts they manage. This makes finding important award information much easier for the user.


• If customers are importing truck availability data, this data now appears in the lane details of the award tracker so you can quickly see what carriers are in the area in order to speed up buying decisions and processes.


• If customers are importing carrier preferred lane data, this also appears in the lane details of the award tracker so users can find carriers that match the criteria of the lane and mode.


• Users can now provide expected cost and expected profit for an award tracker lane so they can see how they’re performing on margins/markup vs. the expectation when the award was created.


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