Host RFPs and Manage Transportation Bids

Selecting the right carriers for the right rates while covering your commitments and meeting expectations can be challenging and time consuming. In many cases, it involves massive spreadsheets of lanes, manual data entry and analysis, and mismanaged carrier relationships. Procurement decision-makers can lose focus—getting caught up in organizing Excel files instead of making decisions that lead to ROI.

RFP Hosting and Management
BidDex makes RFP management easy by letting you securely send and receive transportation bids, analyze pricing data, and manage awards in one place.

Spot Market Solutions
Spreadsheets were meant for data, not workflows. The BidDex Bid Tracker allows you to source carriers on a load by load basis through your own private network. Simply submit a load and let your carriers send their bids. You can then track sourced carriers as they respond and accept or deny their offers from a single screen.
Initiate and house RFPs, receive and manage inbound bids, and store historical proposals.
Compare contract rates with market rates to better manage savings and boost your response intel.
Build an optimal routing guide and manage awards more effectively.




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