2020 BidDex RFP Hosting Enhancements

• Customers can now lock lane volumes as read-only so carriers are only able to respond to the RFP with rates instead of also allowing the carrier to pick their preferred volume.


• Customers can now award carriers based on rank instead of volume allocation. As part of Logistical Labs’ 2021 roadmap, these rankings will eventually be shared with our spot sourcing product to allow users to build dynamic routing guides and perform waterfall tendering.


• Customers can now require carriers to confirm/reject awarded volumes in order to increase carrier accountability.


• Customers can now get peak pricing on RFPs by enabling peak pricing options as a percent increase across every RFP lane or by allowing carriers to provide a peak rate on a lane-by-lane basis. This allows our customers to build a more flexible RFP that accounts for seasonality.


• Customers can now require carriers to provide minimums along with their RPM bids.


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