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Logistical Labs Chief Operating Officer, Chris Ricciardi, wrote about the lessons to learn from "underdogs" and how to apply that to succeed in the logistics industry. Below is an excerpt: 


The sports world is full of underdog stories like this – from the 1980 "Miracle on Ice" Olympic hockey game in which Team USA’s scrappy band of mostly amateur players defeated the battle-tested Soviet Union squad, to the 2017 Super Bowl where the Philadelphia Eagles won their first championship ever against the New England Patriots, an NFL dynasty. Sportscasters and fans alike often tout these wins as miraculous, focusing on all the reasons these teams shouldn’t have succeeded – whether it’s lack of experience, size, budget, or something else. But often, victory is not a miracle at all. There is a perfectly logical explanation for why these teams emerge as winners.


In the business world, as with sports, success doesn’t automatically come to those with the deepest pockets or best talent available. Companies that experience continued, repeatable success know it doesn’t just happen by chance.


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