Logistical Labs Launches New RFP Management Product, BidDex
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BidDex enables users to host annual or monthly bids, analyze pricing data, and manage awards in one place.

Chicago, IL – April 10, 2018 – Logistical Labs, makers of the SaaS platform for collecting, analyzing, and acting on supply chain data, today announced the release of BidDex, a product that improves the way freight RFPs are managed. By hosting bids, analyzing pricing, and managing awards in one place, users of the product can boost RFP response intel and build more optimal routing guides.


BidDex leverages the rating engine behind Logistical Labs’ pricing and mode optimization platform, LoadDex, to compare RFP responses with market rates. As a result, users can better assess potential savings and maximize profit margins. BidDex is market source and carrier agnostic, so users can integrate virtually any data source into the platform to generate the most optimal rate on every lane.


“We’re thrilled to introduce BidDex to our customers,” said Chris Ricciardi, Chief Operating Officer of Logistical Labs. “The product is incredibly easy to use—whether you’re hosting or responding to an RFP—and it effectively removes spreadsheets from the process.”


By entering or importing a list of lanes, BidDex runs a dynamic batch rate search behind the scenes so that users can benchmark rates without having to reformat Excel workbooks. Once bidding closes and carriers are awarded, the Award Tracker dashboard lets users analyze awarded and executed lanes for improved management of bid revenue. 


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Logistical Labs builds technology for collecting, analyzing, and deploying big data in the supply chain.  With their suite of analytics products, users can make better informed pricing and quoting decisions through data-driven insights and social collaboration. Open API access allows users to easily integrate products into their existing business applications for improved process efficiency. 


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