Meet Logistical Labs at the McLeod Software 2015 Users' Conference
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Come meet with us at the McLeod Software 2015 Users' Conference from October 4-6 in Birmingham, AL.  Our team will be on hand to give product demos, answer your questions, and talk about the latest developments in the labs.


What's New?

  • LoadDex Integration with McLeod:  LoadDex now seamlessly integrates with McLeod Software, allowing PowerBroker users to quickly make strategic decisions about pricing and mode selection without having to re-type search criteria in multiple systems.  With one search, users have all the information they need to deliver an accurate quote to their customers faster than ever before. 
  • Bulk Rating: Tired of having to run multiple searches when filling out bids or analyzing data on multiple lanes? A new Bulk Rating feature in LoadDex lets you run multiple searches at once.
  • Custom Mode Configuration: Go beyond out-of-the-box mode types and create advanced filters by combining or separating any variables that impact price.
  • Search History: The latest version of LoadDex lets you download your search history to gain actionable insights.

Be sure to come check us out at booth 215! 



You can also schedule a meeting to catch up with us one-on-one by using the contact form at the bottom of the page. We hope to see you there!

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