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Are You Capitalizing on this Trend?

Truckload capacity has tightened in 2018, and shippers are increasingly converting from over-the-road to intermodal. In fact, intermodal traffic rose 7 percent in the first five months of the year. The RailDex intermodal platform connects your ramp service with your drayage rates so you can offer a comprehensive door-to-door solution with minimal effort and reach new industry verticals that wouldn't otherwise be accessible. 


Additional RailDex Benefits

  • Improve internal processes. Consolidate data into one system that automatically connects ramp rates with drayage rates across all lanes.
  • Take technology to the next level. RailDex provides a modern and streamlined interface for interacting with your data at no additional cost.
  • Empower your customers. Create all-in rates and feed them directly into your customers TMS, portal, or other platform to greatly improve exposure to and communication with potential new business.


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