Transportation Case Studies

Get real-world examples of customers using our products to collect, analyze, and take action on the big data in their supply chains.
BidDex RFP Hosting for a Large Grocery Distributor
Case Study
Find out how BidDex helped a large grocery distributor speed up the RFP hosting process, enabling them to host more frequent RFPs.
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Sunset Transportation
Sunset Transportation was looking for a solution to enhance their quoting performance and efficiency. Find out how LoadDex helped double their win percentage while increasing their margins.
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Fortune 100 retail pharmacy & health care company
BidDex Spot Solutions
The company serves more than 5 million customers/day at its 9K+ retail locations and needed a faster way to source daily spot quotes from their carrier base. Find out how BidDex improved their carrier sourcing workflow to save time and reduce costs.
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LoadDex Batch Rating
From September through March, CRST Logistics receives hundreds of RFPs from manufacturers and distributors interested in their services. Find out how CRST Logistics quotes thousands of lanes per hour and speeds up their bidding process with LoadDex.
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Customer Portals
With Customer Portals, shippers have more control over their transportation spend. Find out how LoadDex Portals helped two logistics companies strengthen relationships and win more freight.
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HNRY recognized pricing and faster response times as their biggest hurdles to success. Find out how LoadDex, along with a seamless API integration with 3GTMS, helped HNRY Logistics save time, reduce costs, and win more business.
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